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September 13, 2007


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Agaricus Muscarius

  • Picture128_15nov03
    What a pleasent surprise this weekend in Netro: a huge colony of Agaricus Muscarius. (The pics are taken with Treo 600)

Street fashion

  • Fotoalbum_273
    pictures taken on my last visit to Tokyo, awful fotos but good people.

Mein Schulweg

  • Schulweg_032
    The streets I walk from home to office.

ristoranti e bar

  • Milano, bar of Hotel Diana.
    This is Roberta. But the Album is not about her. It's about Restaurants and Bars. The pics have been taken by accident. In the future I'll try to show Chefs, Owners (capital C and capital O) in their places. And some coeaters as well. This shall not be a guide.

Turkey, Gulf of Gocek

  • flag
    We 8 people rented a spacious g├╣let with a crew of 3 and traveled along the costa turchese from Bodrum to Gocek. If I would kick in a few pictures from the caribbian islands,norway, scotland and the lakes of Engadin you would note the difference only for the absence of ships, houses and poeple. Might well be one of the last onspoiled coasts. Food is fine, too. And it's certainly not expensive.


  • Dsc02871
    Let us start in Marrakesh in Jardin Majorelles because Morocco is about colours, mainly.

Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara

  • Fotoalbum_280
    In 2001 we passed 2 weeks in Tokyo, Kyoto and Nara. This picture is taken from a shop window. The shop sells sweets, something like tiny chocolate balls. Yes.


  • Olea fragrans.
    Netro is a 800 people village about 80 minutes from Milan. I pass there a good part of the year in a house which is half an hour by foot from the village. My neighbours are cows, goats, and a few biz consultants. The beasts are fenced out, the houses are lost in the woods. This is the street leading to our house.
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